Centennial Committee

Planning a celebration to recognize the achievement of the Hinds Community College Centennial year is a significant endeavor. Hinds Community College has reached this important milestone because of thousands of dedicated individuals who understood the vision of the organization and believed in the mission of the college. Success was achieved because of their energy and enthusiasm. They provided countless hours to support the college and enhance the mission. The individuals selected to serve members of the centennial planning committee represent just a few of those who have demonstrated this type of commitment. They are professionals, alumni, business owners, faculty, staff, leaders, lawyers, doctors, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters who share a love for Hinds Community College. We are delighted that they have accepted the challenge to take lead the efforts to plan this very special milestone in our college history.

Bobbie Anderson
Dr. George Ball
Dr. George Barnes
Mr. David Barton
Phil Bryant
Judy Bufkin
Thad Cochran
Beverly Fatherree
Dr. Ben Fatherree
Jane Flowers
Jackie Granberry
Colleen Hartfield

Robert Henderson
Ted Kendall
Ann Laster
Ray Marshall
Dr. Robert Mayo
Judge Jimmy Morton
Bob Mullins
Carla Nicks
Donald Oakes
Irl Dean Rhodes
Jim Richards
Dr. Robert Smith

Jim Smith
Jimmy C. Smith
Mary Ann Sones
Dr. Wayne Stonecypher
Dale Sullivan
Larry Swales
George Thrash
Jim Walt
Lee Waring
Dr. Lynn Weathersby
Liles Williams