Most of my career was spent teaching Business Technology, but for my first couple of years at Hinds, I taught Remedial Related Studies to Career students who had not finished high school. After I had been teaching at Hinds for seven or eight years, and before the days of GPS, I managed to get lost in the Pearl area trying to find a church to attend a wedding. I stopped in a convenience store to ask directions; but when I returned to my car, it would not crank. One of the nice men who had given me directions saw my dilemma and offered to drive me to the church. I said, “Great!” and jumped in the truck with him. After he took off, I thought “How many times did my mama tell me not to get in a car with a stranger!!” I looked at him, and thought “He looks familiar. I hope I haven’t seen his face on a wanted poster in the Post Office.” I said, “You look familiar. Do I know you?” He replied, “You should. If it weren’t for you, I would not have the job I have now. You convinced me to take the GED test and helped me prepare for it.” That’s one of those moments you always cherish.
Dr. Mary Etta Naftel
I attended the Raymond Campus of Hinds, 1968-1972. I am Professor Emeritus of Business Technology with 34 years at Hinds.